Untitled, 2019

Images of home, 2018

Myth and tales, 2017

Myth and tales refers to mythologic stories related to the perception of women and gender politics.

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Las Erinias y lloviendo, 2017
Oil on canvas
72 x 48 inches
Tiresias at some point, 2017
Oil on canvas
48 x 36 inches
El Diablo, 2017
Oil on formica panel
14 x 12 inches
Tiresias at some point, study
Oil on papel
15 x 13 inches
Snakes, rain and eggs, 2017
Oil on papel
15 x 13 inches
No se aman ni en la lluvia, 2017
Oil on papel
15 x 13 inches
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But not weird enough 


In all your stories I was

always as the bad one 

I deserved to pay 

4 the broken dishes 

4 the stains in the nightstand

The myth of my behavior 

The tale of our encounters,

where I was always drunk

The heaviness of your words 

that will for ever prevail over mine 

I talked to much 

I ate to much

I smoked sometimes

I looked to weird

Another guilty woman, 2016

Series of portraits of women from sourced materials found online – mug shots of women that have committed or are victims of sex crimes- and re-interprets the faces of the condemned by justice or by themselves.

Series medium: oil on formica panel, size: 14 x 12 inches /each

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