Fight me with words, 2018

We can fight with weapons, we can fight with strength, we can fight with words.

Fight me with Words is an interactive installation based on a poetic pillow fight.
A pillow fight is a mock physical conflict using pillows as weapon, in this case each pillow has a word or phrase, people are invited to fight and create their own lyrics, messages or find the pillow with the word or phrase that better represents them for this fight. The idea is to turn words into objects for direct contact, materializing the spoken word in weapons for combat.

Bernadette Despujols at Free_Photo by Di
Bernadette Despujols at Free_Photo by Di
Bernadette Despujols at Free_Photo by Di

Love is no game, 2016

Love is no game is an interactive sculpture, a playful human-scale “tongue slide” delves into themes of playfulness, desire and pleasure. With our tongue we taste the world, we lick, we swallow, we communicate. An intensively active sexual participant, the tongue is here instead intended to be used as a slide. 

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